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Super Sugars Financially Literate? Unlimited Income?

Leading a network marketing business is not for everyone. . .

The questionnaire below is targeted towards individuals wanting a full time income stream. We also have many business partners whom are more interested starting a home business to create an adjunct to their current income. If this is you, please feel free to complete the questionnaire below and we can support with suggesting programs or options for more modest goals.

Remember, your goal is the right goal ;-)!

For the 'rocket ship' individuals, completing the following questions will give you a better idea of where you are starting from and us an idea of where you would fit best in our business team. It will also support us in how to target your education, training and specific research assignments as you get started.

The Richer Lives Leadership Team

Here's a self-test to see if our team is right for you.

I have high integrity. I do what I say I'm going to do. I'm trustworthy.
I'd like to create or replace a full time income. Becoming wealthy or significantly increasing my wealth is important to me. Becoming wealthy is not just a should, it's not something that I'm just interested in.  I'm ready now.
I am a team player.  I enjoy working on a team. I enjoy educating others and working with people.
I have or am ready to set goals. I'm especially motivated by big goals. I am accountable.
I'm coachable. I'm open to new ideas and enjoy learning from others.
I'm willing to be bold and take risks. Going for my new goals and learning new skills will require me to step outside of my comfort zone. Fear, uncertainty or others not agreeing with me does not mean inaction for me. I'm ready for change.
Now is the time to invest my energy and focus towards my goals. I'm done waiting. I'm done hoping. I'm done trading hours for dollars and settling for less.
I have a vision for making a difference and giving back to the world and/or my community. I'm ready now to actualise this.
I'm committed to investing at least 10 hours a week to developing my business. I know I personally am responsible for my success, no one is going to take action or make these changes for me.


Evaluate your total below.

27-36 A Rising Star!  Complete your contact details below. You're about to participate in the opportunity of a lifetime with an amazing worldwide team of like-minded business partners.  We look forward to meeting you. Life will never be the same!  It's likely you surround yourself with great people; please refer them to this site.

18-27 Strong Candidate.  You have great potential for this business opportunity and working with us.  Complete your contact details below.  We'd like to discuss your score and why you answered the way you did.  Some of our most accomplished business partners started off here.

9-18 Being Coachable is Key.   Your compatibility with our team is dependent on which responses were strongest for you.  Complete your contact details below and we'll contact you to discuss your score and your degree of commitment to this type of opportunity. 

0-9 Timing is everything.  If your number of strong responses fell in this category, we recommend returning to this when the time is more fitting.  The time is not right for you to take advantage of this opportunity.

Yes! I'm serious about investigating further. Please contact me immediately.
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